BorgWarner Turbo Systems pitches in

Helping children in need

To pave the way for children and adolescents to lead a self-sufficient, happy and promising life: this is the goal pursued by BorgWarner Turbo Systems and SOS Children's Villages as part of a comprehensive, global partnership. Social engagement is provided by both the company and its employees.

Committed volunteers of BorgWarner prepared motivational workshops for young people from SOS youth programmes in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Picture: BorgWarner Turbo Systems

BorgWarner Turbo Systems isn’t only relying on its significant financial aid to support the work of the SOS Children's Villages. The organization also attaches great importance to making a direct local impact and so, a joint lighthouse project was arranged in Sarajevo, Bosnia to launch the partnership. There, Frédéric Lissalde Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of BorgWarner Inc. (formerly President and General Manager of BorgWarner Turbo Systems), Barbara Keller, Borg Warner’s Global Programme Manager for SOS Children's Villages, and eight dedicated colleagues trained a group of SOS teens in teamwork skills. Similar lighthouse projects, where both management and selected employees pitch in, will take place annually.

Support at local level

Employees of BorgWarner in Thailand have joined the „Turbo Run“ in Rayong to collect donations for SOS children in Thailand. Picture: BorgWarner Turbo Systems

"BorgWarner Turbo Systems and SOS Children's Villages are ideal partners as nearly all of our 15 facilities around the globe are located near one of the villages. As a result, most of our employees have the opportunity to support their local SOS Children's Village in a variety of ways," explained Frédéric Lissalde. "This partnership is really important to us and we look forward to an excellent and long-lasting cooperation."

Social commitment is truly lived

SOS Children's Villages is also thrilled with the cooperation. "BorgWarner Turbo Systems is pitching in with employees in our SOS facilities around the world. I am delighted with this active support. The fact that corporate management at local level is also actively involved is something very special. SOS Children's Villages is very grateful for the financial support of BorgWarner Turbo Systems and its staff," says Nadja Malak, Head of Corporate Partnerships, SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide in Germany.

Creative fundraising by employees

The company's turbo systems’ division also offers employees additional opportunities to support SOS Children's Villages. Employees can plan their own fundraising campaigns and organize projects benefitting their local SOS Children’s Village.

BorgWarner Turbo Systems doubles employees’ donations

For example, staff collected donations in a global "turbo run" for "their" children's village. They also try to generate as many donations as possible through cake sales, flea markets and other creative events. BorgWarner Turbo Systems generously doubles up on all private employee donations to SOS Children's Villages.

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