30. September 2020 | NEWS

10 years of commitment to SOS Children's Villages worldwide: Siegwerk increases donation

Siegwerk, one of the leading global providers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, increased its annual financial commitment to SOS Children's Villages worldwide in 2020. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the company asked Siegwerk sites already supporting SOS main lighthouse projects for additional donations. This raised around 70,000 EUR in Latin America and Asia, which goes to fund local projects. Siegwerk has been working closely with SOS Children's Villages worldwide for ten years. The company supports the child welfare organization for children with financial donations and with the volunteer support of locally-based Siegwerk employees in several countries.

Since 2010, the headquarters in Siegburg has donated around 100,000 EUR per year to each lighthouse project of SOS Children’s Villages all over the world (Siegwerk’s main corporate social responsibility project each year). These benefit numerous disadvantaged children and young people in South America and Asia. The money has been used, among other things, to build new houses for families or (virtual) training centers and to purchase IT equipment. In addition, Siegwerk employees from nearby factories are involved in SOS programmes and volunteer to jointly implement needs-driven activities. Siegwerk has been awarded the SOS Children's Village Cup three times in a row for its long-standing commitment.

Partnering for youth employability

The cooperation with Siegwerk offers young people in Colombia the chance, to gain practical expereince and professional qualification.

Since 2018, the packaging ink manufacturer has been a partner in the global employability initiative YouthCan! of SOS Children's Villages worldwide. It aims to help young people make the transition to a self-determined working life. At Siegwerk, young people can gain practical experience in a real working environment. Dedicated local employee volunteers are personally committed to the professional qualification of the young adults and act as role models, trainers and mentors.

"We are very proud of how much we have been able to support this great organization over the past ten years. I am particularly pleased about the personal commitment of many of our employees on site. The overwhelming response to our appeal for donations during the COVID-19 crisis further underlines the strong cooperation between Siegwerk and SOS Children's Villages worldwide. But we do not want to rest on our laurels. We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and we want to give even more young people around the world new perspectives in the years to come," said Herbert Forker, CEO of Siegwerk. Currently, the company is coordinating further cooperation with SOS Children's Villages worldwide.

Comitted to the same goals

Digital learning offers youth in Indonesia additional educational possibilities.

"The long-standing partnership with Siegwerk is really unique and we highly appreciate it at a national and international level. It has helped and still helps to support many children and young people. This enables them to lead self-determined and independent lives and to contribute to our society. Together, Siegwerk and SOS Children's Villages worldwide are committed to the same goals," added Petra Horn, Member of the executive board at SOS Children's Villages worldwide.

On occasion of the tenth anniversary supporting the charity, Siegwerk provided financial and personnel support to three projects in 2020, including a new partnership in Mexico as well as ongoing projects in Colombia and Indonesia. These are closely linked to the company's core values: youth development, digitalization, and environment.

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