06. November 2020 | NEWS

Siegwerk receives Excellence Award from SOS Children’s Villages

The award honors Siegwerk’s longstanding financial support and future Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to extend its partnership with SOS Children’s Villages until the end of 2023.

Siegwerk, one of the leading global providers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, has been working closely with SOS Children’s Villages worldwide for ten years. On occasion of their anniversary, the company today extended its partnership with the child welfare organization until the end of 2023 and received the SOS Excellence Award for its longstanding commitment.

At the Excellence Award handover from left to right: Alfred Keller, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Siegwerk; Petra Horn, Member of the executive board at SOS Children's Villages worldwide; Herbert Forker, Chief Executive Officer at Siegwerk Photo: Siegwerk

It is the first time that the partners extend the contract not only for one but for three more years. "Siegwerk’s longstanding commitment enables us to give back to the emerging markets in which we operate," said Herbert Forker, Chief Executive Officer at Siegwerk. "I am very proud to see how our support makes a difference and gives opportunities to children and young adults around the world. By ensuring our support for the next three years, we guarantee the sustainable success of our joint projects."

10 years of support

Since 2010, Siegwerk has been supporting projects of SOS Children’s Villages in South American and Asian countries with substantial financial donations. The money has been used to build new family houses and training centers, to purchase IT equipment and to implement digitalization projects for children and young adults in need. "Responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture," said Alfred Keller, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Siegwerk. "Our social commitment to children has been a matter of course for many years and it will remain so in the future. We are delighted to keep up our support to SOS Children’s Villages worldwide and thus to prepare children for an independent life".

Siegwerk received the SOS Excellence Award for its longstanding commitment. The award recognizes companies, foundations or organizations that have supported the work of SOS Children's Villages worldwide in a long term and in an outstanding manner.

SOS Excellence Award

As a sign of recognition, Siegwerk was awarded the SOS Excellence Award. It stands for the "knot of hope" between Siegwerk and SOS Children's Villages worldwide and honors the company’s financial donations to SOS Children’s Villages. "With the award, we want to acknowledge the company’s long-term, unbureaucratic and reliable support for families and children in emergency situations," said Petra Horn, Member of the executive board at SOS Children's Villages worldwide. "We are again  pleased that Siegwerk will support our projects for another three years".

Strong personal involvement

Beyond the donations, many Siegwerk employees are personally involved in SOS programs. They volunteer on site to support local children and youths, which is of great value for the daily work in the villages. Within the employability initiative "YouthCan!", employees help young people prepare for their professional life and serve as role models, trainers, and mentors.

Siegwerk has already been awarded by SOS Children’s Villages worldwide in the past. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 the company received the "SOS Children’s Village Cup" for supporting the global work of the organization in an outstanding way. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the presentation of the award today only took place in a very small, non-public setting.

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